Environmental Engineering Lab (CV366)

Course Name: 

Environmental Engineering Lab (CV366)






Programme Core (PC)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(0-0-3) 2


pH, colour, turbidity; Solids - suspended, dissolved, settleable and volatile; Dissolved oxygen, BOD, COD;Determination of fluorides and iron; hardness, chlorides; Nitrite-Nitrogen and Ammonical -nitrogen; Available chlorine in bleaching powder, residual chlorine in water and chlorine demand; Bacteriological quality of water-presumptive test, confirmation test and determination of MPN; Jar test

Course Outcomes:
1. Apply different analysis techniques for the measurement of physical and chemical qualities of water and wastewater.
2. Quantify the pollutant concentration in water and wastewater.
3. Recommend the degree of treatment required for the water and wastewater.
4. Assess the microbial contamination in water.


1) Kotaiah B. and Kumaraswamy N, “Environmental Engineering Laboratory Manual”, Charitor Publishing House, India. 2) APHA, “Standard Methods for testing of water and wastewater, 21st Edition, American Public Health Association, Washington, D. C. 3) BIS-10500: Indian Standards Code for Water 4) BIS-3025: Indian Standards Code for Testing of Water

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