Fundamentals of Design & Manufacturing / Principles of Precision Engineering (MC 701A / DP 703)

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Fundamentals of Design & Manufacturing / Principles of Precision Engineering (MC 701A / DP 703)


M.Tech (Construction Technology and Management)




Open Electives (OE)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3-0-0) 3


MA 701A Design & Manufacturing
Design Process, Mechanical Properties of Engineering Materials, Structure, Properties Relationship, MaterialsSelection in Mechanical Design, Selection of Materials, Shape, Processes; Design for Manufacture, Design forEnvironment, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Principles of Mechanisms, Machine Dynamics, Primary &Secondary ,Manufacturing Processes, Casting, Metal Forming, Machining Processes, Press Working, Principles ofMachine Tools, Automated Manufacturing
DP 703 Principles Of Precision Engineering
Introduction to Precision Engineering: Need for having a High Precision, Four Classes of Achievable Machining Accuracy, Precision Machining, High-precision, Ultra-precision Processes and Nanotechnology. ToolMaterials for Precision Machining: Coated and Laminated Carbides, Ceramics, Diamonds, Cubic Boron Nitride.Mechanics of Materials Cutting: Turning Operation and Tool Signature & Mechanics. Ultra-Precision MachineElements: Guide- ways, Drive Systems, Friction Drive, Linear Motor Drive, Spindle Drive. Hydrodynamic andHydrostatic Bearings: Principle of Rolling Element Bearings, Design & Selection, Bearing Life, Constructionof Lubricated Sliding Bearings, Principle of Hydrodynamic Bearings, Hydrodynamic Thrust Bearings. Design ofHydrostatic Bearings, Hybrid Fluid Bearings Gas Lubricated Bearings: Aerostatic Bearings, Operation of AerostaticBearing Systems, Aerostatic Spindles, Hybrid Gas Bearings. Micro-electro-Mechanical Systems: Characteristicsand Principles, Materials and Design, application of ME and Construction of Clean Rooms.


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