Structural Analysis (CV253)

Course Name: 

Structural Analysis (CV253)






Programme Core (PC)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3-0-0) 3


Conditions of equilibrium, degrees of freedom, determinate and indeterminate structures, Linear and non- linear structural systems. Deflection of beams: Moment area method and conjugate beam method, the first theorem of Castigliano,Betti's law, Clark Maxwell's Theorem of reciprocal deflection, strain energy method and unit load method. Redundant Structures: The second theorem of Castigliano, Consistent deformation method, slope deflection method. Rolling loads and influence lines: Statically determinate beams and bridge trusses, series of loads and uniformly distributed loads, criteria for maximum and absolute maximum moments and shears. Three hinged arches, influence lines,Cables and suspension bridges, suspension bridge with three hinged stiffening girders and influence line diagrams.

Course Outcomes:
1. To introduce basic concepts of structural analysis.
2. To analyse the behaviour of structures for displacement responses.
3. To introduce various methods to analyse statically indeterminate structures.
4. To understand the concepts of rolling loads and influence line diagrams.


1) Norris and Wilber, Elementary structural analysis. 2) C.K. Wang, Statically indeterminate structures


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