Jacklin Jeke Nilling


Assistant Professor

Date of Joining at NITK: 

Tuesday, October 17, 2023
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Academic Background

Academic Background: 

• Ph.D. – Environmental Engineering (IIT Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh), Feb 2022
• M. Tech. – Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering (NERIST, Arunachal Pradesh), 2015
• B. Tech. – Civil Engineering (NERIST, Arunachal Pradesh), 2013

Areas of Interest

• Groundwater contamination remediations.
• Surface and sub-surface contaminants transport modelling.
• Biological and physico-chemical treatment of water and wastewater.
• Waste to resource conversion.

Significant Publications

Journal Articles
1. Nilling, J. J.; Verma, A.; Singh, A. (2022), “Precipitation of arsenic-bearing solids as a secondary control on arsenic speciation in groundwater: evidence from field study and geochemical analysis”. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta; https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gca.2022.07.017.
2. Verma, A.; Sharma, L. M.; Pahuja, G.; Nilling, J. J.; Kumar, A.; Singh, A. (2021), “Modified Biosand Filter for Provisioning of Potable Water to Rural Households Affected by Chronic Arsenic Pollution in Groundwater.” Environmental Engineering Science; https://doi.org/10.1089/ees.2020.0290.
3. Pokhrel, B.; Nilling, J. J.; Ete, T.; Bharti, A. (2017), “Green synthesis of stable silver nanoparticles using Euphorbia milii extract and study of its antimicrobial activity against Escherichia coli”. International Journals of Chemical Studies (ISSN P-ISSN: 2349-8528, E- ISSN: 2321-4902).
4. Nilling, J. J.; Deka, M.; Prasad, S.; Tungi, S.; Bharti, A. (2013), “Performance Evaluation of Laboratory Scale RBC to treat Wastewater from Hostels.” The International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology (IJIRSET); Vol.3, Issue-4, p2319-8753.

Conference Papers
1. Nilling, J. J.; Singh, A. (2020), “Relative kinetics of precipitation and adsorption of arsenic(V) in systems with dissolved iron(II)”, Goldschmidt-2020, Virtual. https://doi.org/10.46427/gold2020.1934.
2. Verma, A.; Pahuja, G.; Kumar, A.; Nilling, J. J.; Murugan, P. A.; Matheswaran, S.; Singh, A. (2020), “Understanding the (Bio)geochemistry of an Arsenic-Contaminated Aquifer for Sustainable Remediation, Geoenvironment-2020. Proceedings, P-32-38.
3. Nilling, J. J.; Verma, A.; Singh, A. (2019), “Potential solubility and sorption controls on arsenic in the presence of elevated dissolved iron”, Goldschmidt-2019, Barcelona. Abstract 2445
4. Verma, A.; Nilling, J. J.; Singh, A. (2019), “As(V) reduction to As(III) in the presence of chloride in ambient conditions”, Goldschmidt-2019. Abstract 3497
5. Nilling, J. J.; Verma, A.; Singh, A. (2017), “Geochemical analysis of arsenic speciation in groundwater”, 7th International Ground Water Conference (IGWC), 2017.
6. Nilling, J. J.; Bhattacharya, M.; Singh, A. (2016), “Speciation of arsenic in typical groundwater of India”, National Symposium on Geogenic Contamination of Groundwater (GCG 2016).
7. Kumar, S.; Nilling, J. J.; Imchen, L. P.; Bhutia, L.; Pranav, P. K. (2014), “Estimation of Waste and its Energy Potential in Tea Estates of Assam” AMETI, NERIST, Nirjuli. Proceedings Volume-1, P-314.


• Ph.D. Thesis nominated for the ‘Outstanding Thesis Award’ among the graduating students in the Department of Civil Engineering, IITK, 2022.
• Received IIT Kanpur Institute grant for attending Goldschmidt-2019 held at Barcelona, Spain, 2019.
• Awarded the best poster presentation at the in-house Symposium organized by Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur, 2018.
• Awarded the best poster presentation in the International Ground Water Conference (IGWC- 2017) jointly organized by National Institute of Hydrology Roorkee and Central Ground Water Board, India, 2017.
• Awarded Gold Medal for securing 1st position in Master of Technology in Environmental Science and Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, NERIST, 2015.
• MHRD, GOI Fellowship for pursuing doctoral studies during July 2015 – July 2020.
• MHRD, GOI Fellowship for pursuing master’s degree during July 2013 – July 2015.
• Cleared GATE in 2013 and 2015.
• District topper in Secondary School Examination (SSE), CBSE board, 2007.
• Awarded merit certificates for scoring highest in Mathematics and Science and Technology and second highest in Social Sciences in SSE, 2007.


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