Vinoth Srinivasan


Assistant Professor

Date of Joining at NITK: 

Monday, September 30, 2019

Professional Experience: 

• Total Experience: 6 years 6 months
• Experience at NITK: 3 years
• National Postdoctoral Fellow (2017 - 2019),
Department of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India
• Postdoctoral Research Fellow (July, 2015 – January, 2017),
Department of Mining Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT(ISM), Dhanbad, India.
• Project Research Fellow, (June, 2008 – March, 2015),
Department of Mining Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India

Contact Details



+91-824 247 3344




+91-94459 09420

Academic Background

Academic Background: 

• Ph.D. (Anna University, Chennai), 2015
• M.Sc. (University of Madras), 2008
• B.Sc. (Govt. Arts College, Salem-7), 2006

Areas of Interest

Rock Mechanics & Rock Engineering, Subsurface Energy Engineering, Geological Carbon Storage, Engineering Geology, Machine Intelligence in Geosciences

Significant Projects

1. Project Title: Interaction of various environmental factors on the fracturing behaviour and damage mechanism in rocks
Role: Principal Investigator
Duration: 2021 - 2023
Funding Agency: Start-up Research Grant of SERB - DST, Govt of India
Grant No.: SRG/2021/001541
Total Budget: Rs.32,64,000/-

1. Project Title: A study on Influence of Thermal Damage on In-Situ Stress Conditions of Rocks using Kaiser Effect Method (Rock Stress Memory) and Its Significance in Evaluation of Damage Accumulation and Rate of Deformation in rocks
Role: Principal Investigator
Duration: 2017 - 2019
Funding Agency: National Postdoctoral Fellowship of SERB - DST, Govt of India
Grant No.: PDF/2016/004096
Total Budget: Rs.19,20,000/-

Supervision of Ph.D

Ongoing: 5

Significant Publications

1. Vinoth Srinivasan, Haseeb Hasainar, & T. N. Singh, (2022). Experimental study on failure and fracturing attributes of granite after thermal treatments with different cooling conditions. Engineering Geology, 310(May), 106867.
2. Vinoth Srinivasan, Tushar Gupta, T.A. Ansari, T.N. Singh (2020). “An experimental study on rock damage and its influence in rock stress memory in a metamorphic rock.” - Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment – DOI:
3. Vinoth Srinivasan, Ashutosh Tripathy, Tushar Gupta, T.N. Singh (2020). “An investigation on the influence of thermal damage on the physical, mechanical and acoustic behaviour of an Indian Gondwana Shale” Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering. DOI:
4. Ashutosh Tripathy, Anil Kumar, Vinoth Srinivasan, K.H. Singh, T. N. Singh (2019). “Fractal Analysis and Spatial disposition of Porosity in Major Indian gas shales using Low-Pressure Nitrogen Adsorption and Advanced Image Segmentation.” Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, Vol. (72),
5. T.A. Ansari, Vinoth Srinivasan, A. Das, T.N. Singh (2019). “Slope Instability Analysis in Phyllitic Rock in Lesser Himalayan using Different Modeling Approach.” Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment -
6. Ashutosh Tripathy, Vinoth Srinivasan, T. N. Singh. (2018). “A Comparative Study on the Pore Size Distribution of Different Indian Shale Gas Reservoirs for Gas Production and Potential CO2 Sequestration.” Energy & Fuels. vol.32(3). pp.3322-3334. DOI: 10.1021/acs.energyfuels.7b04137.
7. N. N. Sirdesai, V. Srinivasan, R. Singh and T. N. Singh (2018), “Thermo-Temporal behaviour of uniaxial compressive strength of a fine-grained Indian sandstone.” Geomechanics and Geodynamics of Rock Masses, Selected Papers from the 2018 European Rock Mechanics Symposium, 377-382, CRC Press, ISBN: 9781138327481.
8. A. Tripathy, V. Srinivasan, K. K. Maurya, N. N. Sirdesai and T. N. Singh (2018), “Acoustic and failure behaviour of Gondwana shale under uniaxial compressive and indirect Brazilian tensile loading – an experimental study” Geomechanics and Geodynamics of Rock Masses: Proceedings of the 2018 European Rock Mechanics Symposium, 687-694, CRC Press, ISBN: 9781138616455
9. Gangadharan R, Nila Rekha, Vinoth, S. (2016), “Assessment of groundwater vulnerability mapping using AHP method in coastal watershed of shrimp farming area.” Journal of Arabian Geosciences, vol. 9. No.107, 1-14. doi:10.1007/s12517-015-2230-8
10. Vinoth S, Ajay Kumar L, Kumar E., 2015. “Slope Stability Monitoring by Quantification and Behavior of Microseismic Events in an Opencast Coal Mine.” Journal of the Geological Society of India, vol.85, pp.450 - 456.DOI:10.1007/s12594-015-0236-1
11. S Vinoth, L Ajay Kumar (2014), “Applying Real Time Seismic Monitoring Technology for Slope Stability Assessment – An Indian Opencast Coal Mine Perspective.” International Journal of Mining Science and Technology, vol. 24(1), pp.75 – 80.


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